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Golf Association Match Play (Season Long)
Individual Play

Start Date                   Matches may Begin on Friday, May 1st
                                    Round Deadlines are TBD and based on number of participants
  • Players are responsible to set the date and time of each match.  If a match has not been played within the allotted time, a coin toss will determine the match winner.
Entry Fee                    $25 per player / per division

  • Match Play.  Handicaps will be played off of the lower ball in the match where applicable.  The higher handicapped player will receive the full difference in course handicap between the two players; the lower handicapped player will play from scratch.
  • Example:  If Player A is a 10 handicap and Player B is a 6 handicap, 10-6=4.  So Player A’s Handicap for the match will be 4.  Therefore Player A will receive 1 stroke on the 4 hardest holes.
  • Default Course:   There is a Default Course set up for each round of golf.  If players agree to play their match at a different course, that is fine.  But if the players cannot agree on another course, then they must play the match at the Default Course.
  • Default Number of Holes:   A match is to be played in an 18 hole match.  But if players agree to play a 9 hole match, or another set of holes for their match, that is fine.  Just as long as both players agree on the number of holes to be played.
  • You may play in more than one Division that you qualify for.
Brackets & Seeding
  • Divisions:  Scratch, Main Handicap Division, Senior Handicap Division (60+), and Women’s Handicap Division
  • Each Division will play the same set of tees for all players playing in that division.
Registration Deadline
New Era Cup Points - Per Division Participation:   200 points
Win Match for Each Round +25 points
Overall First Place +25 points
 (A player can only earn participation points once for entering the Match Play.  But additional points can be earned for each match they win in their division should the person enter multiple divisions.)   (A division must have at least 4 players to compete)
Gift Card Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd, T-3rd Places per Division for sure, possibly more based on number of participants

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