Match Play Championship Brackets

NEGMGA Match Play (Season Long)

Date                           Matches may Begin on April 16th
                                    Round Deadlines vary per round and division
  • Players are responsible to set the date and time of each match.  If a match has not been played within the allotted time, a coin toss will determine the match winner.
Entry Fee                 $25 per player / per division

  • Match Play.  Handicaps will be played off of the lower ball in the match where applicable
  • Example for Handicaps to be used.  If Player A has a 7 handicap, and Player B has a 2 handicap, the higher handicaper will get 5 dots on the hardest holes.  (Essentially the difference between the two handicaps)
  • Participants in each division will play the same set of tee markers
  • Default courses will be established if both players cannot agree on another course to play.  If no agreement, then you must have the match at the default course.
  • Please notify Ryan at immediately following completion of the round.
  • All matches are 18 Hole Competition.  Should there be a tie at the completion of 18 holes, then you will play on until a winner has been decided.  The defualt playoff hole is Hole 1, then play on until winner is decided.
  • Use your current handicap.  GHIN Handicaps will be updated on the 1st & 15th of each month.  Check for updated handicaps the day of the match.
Brackets & Seeding
  • There will be a Scratch Division, Men’s Handicap Division, and Senior Handicap Division (60+)
  • Participants in each Division will play the same set of tee markers
  • Participants will be seeded according to the results of the Bracket Drawing the day of the Opening Day 2-Man Scramble.
Registration Deadline New Era Cup Points
First Place:                +100 points
Second Place:          +75 points
Semi-Finalists:         +50 points
Participation:           200 points





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