Frequently Asked Questions

New Era Golf Men’s Golf Association Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the NEGMGA and what does it cost?
You should join because you’ll be able to play in fun and competitive golf events. NEGMGA dues will be determined yearly by the board of the Association. The membership dues pay for Ohio Golf Association (OGA) handicap services, plaques, trophies, and costs associated with NEGMGA competitions and activities. Each NEGMGA event will have nominal entry fees.
When do I get a handicap? Can I play before I have a handicap?
Many NEGMGA events are formatted to accommodate players with established USGA handicaps. A member may establish a USGA handicap by submitting his golf scores to the pro shop. If an NEGMGA member does not have an established handicap but wishes to play in handicapped events, that member must play with a zero (-0-) handicap (“scratch”) until a more accurate handicap is established by: (a) recording the minimum number of scores (5); and (b) recording all subsequent scores during the active golf season.
What does it cost to play in an NEGMGA event?
Entry fees for the mid-week league and weekend events will be determined by the Tournament committee. Once determined, entry fees for the mid-week evening league will remain constant. Entry fees for weekend events may vary depending on the type of event (1 day/2 day). Entry fees cover prizes paid as gift certificates and a nominal amount to the NEGMGA. You will also need to pay BT /RAL/GR for cart fee or green fee if required by membership designation. Events with additional hole contest skill prizes) and/or food/drinks may require extra nominal fees.
How much of the entry fee goes to cover prizes? How do you determine prizes?
Entry fees are applied to gift certificates according to a schedule that pays approximately 50% of participants (subject to change). If the payout for an event is for gross and net scores, the prize pool will be split in half and the same percentages will be used for both categories.
Event participants can win gift certificates in one category (gross or net) only. If a player is eligible to win gift certificates in both gross and net categories, a certificate will be awarded for the category in which the higher monetary amount appears (if applicable) and the player’s name will be removed from the category in which the lower amount appears.
What are ‘skill prizes’? Who picks the skills, and how does it work?
Events and fees for “skins” and “skills” games will be determined by the tournament chair in advance of the first tee time for each event. Participants’ fees for these games must be paid prior to the player’s tee time, or the player will not be allowed to participate in the on-course games. Winners of on-course games and disbursements of funds will be determined at the conclusion of each event by the tournament chair.
Anything else I need to know about playing in an NEGMGA event?
All participants in NEGMGA events must (a) compete during the times specified for the events, (b) play from the designated set of tees, (c) adhere to USGA and local rules, (d) maintain appropriate pace of play, and (e) use equipment approved by the USGA (non-conforming clubs or golf balls will not be allowed).
Players are encouraged to keep up their “pace of play”. “Pace of play” is defined as completing a round of golf within the time specified by golf course personnel and/or by maintaining pace with the group ahead (unless unusual circumstances arise). Failure by players to maintain pace of play can lead to warnings, scoring penalties, and/or disqualification from events. Rain dates for events will be determined if necessary.


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