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NEGMGA 2018 - Event Schedule

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-   Registration deadlines are set in stone.  Please register in advance of the deadline to ensure your spot in the event.  The only way someone will be accepted into an event after the deadline, is to fill a team that was already registered.
-   2018 NEGMGA Event Packet


Saturday, March 24th - Spring Meeting
New Albany Links
10:00am - Meeting
Golf after meeting has been Cancelled due to weather

Saturday, April 14th - Opening Day Scramble & Member Skills Challenge
Royal American Links
11:00am-1:00pm - Member Skills Challenge (Open to Any Golf Member)
1:30pm Shotgun Start - Opening Day Scramble
Lunch for Golfers playing in the Scramble
Registration Deadline for Opening Day Scramble:  Monday, April 9th at Noon
Registration Deadline for Member Skills Challenge Only:  Saturday, April 14th at 1:00pm

Monday, April 16th - Match Play Bracket
Must Sign Up by April 13th to enter the Match Play Bracket

Sunday, May 20th - Modified 4-Player Scramble
Bent Tree Golf Club
2:00pm - Shotgun Start
Lunch for Golfers

Saturday, June 9th - Member/Guest Event
Royal American Links
2:00pm - Shotgun Start
Dinner to follow Golf

Saturday, July 14th - Member/Member Event
Glenross Golf Club
2:00pm - Shotgun Start
Lunch for Golfers

Club Championship - 2 Day Event
Saturday, August 18th - Bent Tree Golf Club - 11:00am Tee Times
Lunch for Golfers
Sunday, August 19th - Royal American Links - 11:00am Wave / Tee Times
Dinner to follow Golf on Sunday

Sunday, September 23rd - New Era Cup
New Albany Links
11:00am - Shotgun Start
Dinner to follow Golf

(Must qualify for this event)

Opening Day Scramble - Results (April 14th)
Gross 1st - Mike Moretti & Jon Oliver ($100 each)
Gross 2nd - Jay Spargrove & Felix Sciulli ($75 each)
Gross 3rd - Paul Regallis & Malek Masri ($50 each)
Net 1st - Walter Burns & Jim Boland ($100 each)
Net 2nd - Dave Bartko & Silvian Jeyabalan ($75 each)
Net 3rd - Randy Larason & Chris Stone ($50 each)
Proxy Prize Winners - Butch Crozier, Randy Larason, Tim Delaney, Dave Bartko ($25 each)

Member Skills Challenge - Results (April 14th)
Men's 1st - Tim Delaney ($75)
Men's 2nd - Mark Brandum ($50)
Men's 3rd - Philip Holt ($25)
Senior 1st - Butch Crozier ($75)
Senior 2nd - Mel Jones ($50)
Senior 3rd - Rod Woods ($25)

Modified 4-Player Scramble - Results (May 20th)
Gross 1st - Jay Spargrove, Felix Sciulli, Silvian Jeyabalan, Jon Oliver ($100 each)
Gross 2nd - Dave Echols, Rick Arthur, Ken Erickson, Ken Wiederman ($75 each)
Gross 3rd - Lyle Dotson, Steve McConaghy, Mike Moretti, Nick Venitsanos ($50 each)
Net 1st - Mark Brandum, Luke Riemenschneider, Rob Thivner, Dave Bartko ($100 each)
Net 2nd - Bob Buczek, Lee Coplen, Phil Holt, Monty King ($75 each)
Net 3rd - Jim O'brien, Dan Myers, Jeff Bennett, Austen Bennett
Proxy Prize Winners - Scotty Davidson, Jay Spargrove, Chuck Orth, Monty King, Mark Brandum, Terry Kelso, Jon Oliver, Matt Hunter ($50 each)
Putting Contest - Rob Thivner ($50)
Chipping Contest - John Messaros ($50)

Member / Guest Low Net of 2 Player Teams - Results (June 9th)
Flight A 1st - Silvian Jeyabalan, Michael Frustaci ($100 each)
Flight A 2nd - Matt Gentzel, Darius Kandawalla ($75 each)
Flight A 3rd - Michael Brucato, Ralph Tomassi ($50 each)
Flight B 1st - Jim Boland, Dale Kagy ($100 each)
Flight B 2nd - Michael Pheifer, Terry Bowdre ($75 each)
Flight B 3rd - Lee Coplen, Tony Coplen ($50 each)
Overall Champion - Jim Boland, Dale Kagy ($50 each)
Proxy Prize Winners - Kyle Klein, Rory Anderson (2), Marc Meyer ($50 each)
Putting Contest - Ben Buechel ($50)
Chipping Contest - Tim Sullivan ($50)

Member / Member Low Net of 2 Player Teams - Results (July 14th)
Flight A 1st - Phil Holt, Bob Buczek ($100 each)
Flight A 2nd - Matt Michallow, Tom Michallow ($75 each)
Flight A 3rd - Chuck Orth, Scotty Davidson ($50 each)
Flight A 4th - Dave Shockey, Nick Venitsanos ($50 each)
Flight B 1st - Dave Echols, Rick Arthur ($100 each)
Flight B 2nd - Ben Buechel, Matt Hunter ($75 each)
Flight B 3rd - Mark Brandum, Neal Simmermon ($50 each)
Flight B 4th - Jack Messaros, Todd Ernsberger ($50 each)
Flight C 1st - Jim Boland, Walter Burns ($100 each)
Flight C 2nd - Scott Reed, Chris Stone ($75 each)
Flight C 3rd - Phil Rock, Ray Mangini ($50 each)
Flight C 4th - Randy Larason, Dennis Dew ($50 each)
Overall Champion - Jim Boland, Walter Burns ($50 each)
Proxy Prize Winners - Chris Adkins, Bob Williams, Ken Enscoe (2), Nick Venitsanos, Kirt Kiser, Tom Michallow, Larry Howard ($60 each)

NEGMGA Events To Come...
Club Championship August 18th @ Bent Tree (Day 1)
Club Championship August 19th @ Royal American Links (Day 2)
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